HSquare has various types of healthcare analytics solutions. Most of them have already proven how HSquare solutions can help medical institutions improve clinical outcomes, enhancing their ability to analyze clinical data and streaming the operations. We have provided 6 hospitals under Saudi Arabia National Guard (MNGHA) with Clinical Indicator Reports and Clinical Research Engine. Realtime Performance Monitoring is being implemented in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Ewha Woman’s University is soon going to be equipped with all these systems.

HSquare is now preparing to meet even more customers around the globe and help them find insights from their clinical data to sustain more profitable while providing better quality of care.


Healthcare Intelligence consists of Clinical Indicator Reports, Real-time Performance Monitoring, and Executive Dashboards. It enables all medical staffs including executives to share the same recognition and strategy of hospital operations, being provided with single version of truth through the state-of-the-art data analytics technology.

Over 400 clinical indicators developed and ready.

Operations in hospitals monitored in real-time to support better decision making.

Customizable portal with personalized dashboards.

Drill down and drill across to various dimensions of clinical data.

Optimized visualization for better understanding the data at a glace.


With Clinical Research Engine, medical staffs who are conducting researches are able to explore clinical data themselves without IT department assistance. They can easily build up clinical cohort of their patients and evaluate its appropriateness on the spot. All the relevant data fields can be extracted along with the cohort and even unstructured data like test result can be utilized for further study. Clinical Research Engine supports physicians and researchers with cohort identification process fast and easy way and provides optimized clinical research data with de-identification technology.

Clinical researchers or physicians can avoid repeated loop of data request – data evaluation – data request so they can save time in data preparation tremendously.

Help researchers find patterns and normalize unstructured data for further analysis.

Search and extract clinical data following physician’s thought process.


Many hospitals are increasing their efforts to improve processes because processes play an important role in enhancing work efficiency and reducing costs. However, to date, a quantitative tool has not been available to examine the before and after effects of processes and environmental changes, other than the use of indirect indicators, such as mortality rate and readmission rate. With H2 Healthcare Process Mining, healthcare organizations can;

Quantify and visualize what is really happening within organization.

Screen out outlier events, find root cause to upgrade process.

Take advantage of state of the art big data visualization to find insight from process data. (Tableau-embedded)


Chronic Disease Dashboard is an essential part of PHM(population health management), which enables personalized precision medicine through real-time healthcare management. As it’s developed with PHM concept, physicians can explore patient group with certain disease by risk stratification, identify care gap and suggest care plan for each patient. And also patients can track and trace their clinical and care history by themselves.

Monitor all patients’ chronic disease status by all means, tracking test result history, checking medication compliance, and comparing with similar patient group in demographics and condition.

Identify and classify risk group of patients based on demographic information and (chronic) disease and suggest care gap and care plan.

Provide 360 degree clinical data of individual patient for care givers.